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OLEANTY body wash is enriched with extracts of vegetable origin, which gently cleanse the skin thanks to the presence of a fundamental ingredient “MARFUGA® organic extra virgin olive oil” making it soft and satiny.

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OLEANTY leaves the skin soft, satiny and delicately scented with citrus notes.

How to apply

Pour the Oleanty body wash in the hand and massage it on the skin, preferably damp, performing light rotational movements in a clockwise direction.

Certified Organic Cosmetic Natural

Cosmetici Bio certificati - Marfuga Bio Cosmetics
Cosmetic with organic ingredients, contains plant extracts which they
derive from organically grown plants, i.e. excluding the use of synthetic products and GMOs

Functional substances

Organic distilled green tea water: thanks to its content of polyphenols, caffeine, minerals, it is characterized by its toning, refreshing and elasticising action; evens out the color and appearance of the skin, fights free radicals, stimulates detoxification, activates the skin microcirculation, strengthens the skin’s defences, soothes and protects even the most sensitive skin.

Washing base made up of surfactants with a delicate but effective action, they do not alter the natural hydro-lipid film which forms the natural protective barrier of the skin. This synergy gives the product excellent emollience and also demonstrates a moisturizing effect after washing.

BIO extra-virgin olive oil: vegetable oil extracted from the fruits (drupes) of Olea europaea, by double cold pressing. Contains 60-80% oleic acid, 13% linoleic acid. It has a highly emollient, hydrating, soothing, sebum-restoring activity. It represents a valid aid to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to counteract skin relaxation, increasing the elasticity of the epidermis.

Organic Lemon, Organic Bergamot, Cedar essential oils: they have a tonic, blood circulation and stimulating action. They also help stimulate skin metabolism, promoting cell renewal, firming and revitalizing body tissues.

Organic witch hazel extract: witch hazel is particularly suitable for treating oily, impure skin, with excessive sebaceous secretion, as well as delicate, irritated, bruised, dehydrated skin.

How to use: take an adequate amount of product on the palm of one hand or apply it directly on the affected part which must be damp or wet; then massage until the formation of a light foam to cleanse better. Finally rinse with water.


Camellia sinensis leaf water*, aqua, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium cocoamphoacetate, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, glycerin, coco-glucoside, cetearyl alcohol, sodium chloride, coconut alcohol, Olea europaea fruit oil*, benzyl alcohol, lactic acid, limonene , ethylhexyl stearate, glyceryl oleate, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, Citrus bergamia peel oil expressed*, sodium benzoate, Citrus limon peel oil*, linalool, citric acid, tocopherol, Citrus medica vulgaris peel oil, sodium phytate, Helianthus annuus seed oil, citral, Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract*, citronellol, alcohol.

OLEANTY Bagno Doccia - MarfugaBioCosmetics

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