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Marfuga Biocosmetics


“Green Nectar” by Marfuga®

Since 1817, Marfuga has been distributing its exceptional olive oil, known as the “green nectar,” throughout Italy, establishing an outstanding reputation as a producer of high-quality olive oil. Today, Marfuga is globally renowned for its authentic extra virgin olive oils, which are highly sought after for their organoleptic properties, including abundant polyphenols and a delightful, fresh flavor that sets them apart.


Advanced Research Marfuga®

Leveraging the exceptional and nutraceutical properties of their extra virgin olive oil, Federica and the Marfuga Advanced Research Team have dedicated their efforts to conducting extensive research and utilizing these ingredients in the development of a cosmetic line, thus enhancing their intrinsic value.

Introducing the Marfuga Bio Cosmetics Line, it harnesses the fundamental properties of Marfuga Bio Evoo as its foundation, serving as the cornerstone for these innovative skincare products.


The Marfuga® Biocosmetics Lines

The newly launched cosmetic line offers a comprehensive range of thirteen body care products, providing a holistic approach to personal care. Each item in this collection is certified and sourced from organic farming, harmoniously blended with Marfuga’s extra virgin olive oils, creating a truly indulgent experience for the body.

Marfuga Bio Cosmetics caters to diverse skincare needs with its six facial care products, two hair care products, and five body care products, offering exceptional benefits for the entire body. By utilizing natural fragrances instead of synthetic chemicals, these cosmetics offer a gentle touch on the skin, promoting a profound sense of well-being. Furthermore, the products feature a variety of delightful scents that complement their unique characteristics.

The renowned natural antioxidants, known as polyphenols, which are the defining components of Marfuga Bio EVOO, contribute to the comprehensive nourishment provided by the cosmetic line. Additionally, extracts of green tea water, which are natural antioxidants, enhance hydration and ensure optimal skin balance.